Digitalization and Infectious Diseases: Improving patient outcome in the age of big data

16 Oct, 2019

The city of Basel, Switzerland is set to host the international research conference ‘Digital ID 2020‘ on 20-21 January, 2020. Precision medicine experts and key opinion leaders will be on hand to offer exciting insights into range of topics, including digitalization, machine learning, biomedical research, and personalized health in infectious diseases. The most recent breakthroughs and translation into applications to clinics will be presented and discussed.

It goes without saying that digitalization and machine learning (a branch of artificial intelligence) will soon have a profound impact on the daily workflow of modern hospitals. In particular, the diagnostic process and the management of infectious diseases will be significantly improved due to data-driven approaches. These will involve the usage of digital biomarkers, complex medical decision support systems, and patient advice based on sophisticated big data.

Chaired by Nicole Ritz and Urs Frey, both of the University Children’s Hospital in Basel, there will be a dedicated session on Paediatrics and Infectious Disease on Tuesday, 21 January.  The development of tools particularly useful in limited resource settings, challenges in the development of digital tools in paediatrics, and the application of digital tools to improve vaccine coverage worldwide will all be discussed.

If you wish to participate, the early bird registration and abstract submission deadline is 31 October!

Event info:

  • Date: 20-21 January, 2020
  • Venue: Congress Center, Basel, Switzerland
  • Conference website: Digital ID 2020
  • Registration: Early bird registration here!
  • Call for Abstracts: Submit your research abstract for selection for a poster session here.