Closer to micro-elimination of HCV in Russian adolescents and children


The REACH Consortium has just published the results of a multi-centre survey, aimed at assessing the uptake of Direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) for the treatment of HCV in children and adolescents living in Russia. The article is available as Open access in the Journal of Virus Eradication.

DAAs, new drugs used to treat chronic HCV, have demonstrated high rates of cure with minimal toxicity when compared to interferon-based regimens.

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REACH project published in CORDIS


We are proud to announce that the REACH project’s Result in Brief article, Reducing infectious disease in mothers and children in Russia, has been uploaded on the CORDIS website. This is a great opportunity to share our work, with the rest of the world and will ensure that our study results, when available, are available to many. None of what REACH has achieved would have been possible without the collaborative effort of our partners in Europe and the Russian Federation.

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Project New Generation (PNG+)


Project New Generation (PNG+) are a group of young people living with HIV who serve as the voice of the youth involved in the REACH study. Made up of two groups, one based in St. Petersburg and the other in Irkutsk, and supported by local psychologists, this group of 20 bring to the forefront, issues that the youth living with HIV are directly affected by. The activities of PNG+ are led by the Penta PPI team.

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Cascade of care in children and adolescents with HIV in the Russian Federation


The Cascade of Care, more commonly known as the HIV care continuum, is a calculation of how many people in a specific population diagnosed with HIV are initially linked to care, retained in care and have achieved viral suppression. It is an important tool in measuring success in controlling the HIV infection, identifying gaps in national HIV/AIDS strategies and set directions to improve care.

On behalf of EPIICC and REACH researchers,

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REACH: New website is online!


We are pleased to announce the launch of the brand new REACH project website!

Included among the various features on the site are a background of the project, the objectives set and the REACH response, patient involvement, with news updates and a reserved area to follow shortly. It has been carefully designed with a colourful interface that, with the addition of a contact form,

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