Young Reporters

Young Reporters is a model developed and piloted by Penta in 2022-23. It aims to democratise science and support better understanding of research in the communities most impacted by paediatric and adolescent infectious disease studies. 

Each young reporter is recruited due of their passion for sharing research with their peers and the community, and their lived experiences. All young reporters join as adolescents (up to 19 years of age) and are trained and supported by Penta staff and our partners in health research to understand the science behind research, learn how to present research findings in a clear and understandable way and to safely post and engage with social media in a supported environment. 

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Why we set up this project 

Children and young people are often left behind in the sharing of scientific information and key scientific developments.  The events where cutting-edge research is discussed and presented are not accessible to young people, so they are not there to be part of the discussion and dissemination 

Young people spend an average of 3 hours a day on social media and often use it to find information. The quality and accuracy of what they find will vary. To address the gap in scientifically correct, youth-friendly, research information being shared by and with young people, we are upskilling young people from different countries and continents to use the social media channels that are most popular in their countries, to share key health messages and insights.  

We are currently working with global independent healthcare communications consultancy 90ten, who are supporting the development and reach of this pilot. 

Meet the 2023 Young Reporters  

Esther*, Brazil 19

I am a young reporter because I want to help young people living with HIV to have space for questions and answers about medicines, treatments, how to get help, doubts and difficulties in general.

Pieet*, India 19

I am a young reporter because I want to help change the stigma around HIV by sharing information, so people can live with respect and dignity.

Enhle*, South Africa, 18

I am a young reporter because I want young people like me to not be scared about science and medicine. Sharing knowledge with young people is important.

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The Young Reporters project is funded by ViiV Healthcare and Gilead.

*Names have been changed to respect the privacy of our Young Reporters