Penta Publication Policy


This publication policy applies to the dissemination of results from any study/trial sponsored or coordinated by Penta. Publications include peer-reviewed articles, abstracts, posters, presentations, press releases, interviews and any other medium for sharing data or results produced in the context of the project or study.

This publication policy was drawn up in 2001 and updated in 2019. A new publication policy will be released in 2023.

Data release

Before data are released to any collaborator, the proposed analysis and publication must be approved by the study/trial Steering Committee and collaborators must agree to acknowledge Penta in the authorship of any related papers or abstracts. All dissemination materials must be shared with the study/trial Steering Committee for review prior to publication. The Penta Foundation Board must be informed prior to publication.

Where a clinical investigator uses data collected in the context of a Penta sponsored or coordinated study/trial, the publication must be cleared with the study/trial Steering Committee to ensure the publication does not impact on the project or other planned publications. Penta should also be acknowledged in any abstracts or papers derived from data from a single site.

Main publications

For each study/trial there will be one or more identified main paper(s) agreed upon by study/trial collaborators and signed by Penta with an appendix with names of:

  • the writing committee
  • all committees related to the running of the study, for example in a trial:
    • Steering Committee
    • Executive committee
    • DSMC
    • Immunology, virology, endpoint committees etc, where appropriate
  • names of collaborators in all clinical centres enrolling children and providing follow-up
  • staff at the co-ordinating centres involved in the study/trial.

Secondary publications

Other papers that come out of a study/trial, proposed by any collaborators at any point and approved by the study/trial Steering Committee, should be signed by the person(s) who led the paper and who wrote it, followed by “on behalf of Penta”. These should list names of the Steering Committee and any other committees or collaborators in clinical centres involved in the relevant substudy, eg. those centres which have performed pharmacokinetic studies for a PK substudy.

Updated, November 2019