What is GEPPO?

Geriatric Patients Living with HIV/AIDS: a Prospective Multidimensional Cohort

GEPPO is a prospective, multicenter cohort of geriatric patients being treated for HIV and HIV-negative controls at 11 centers across northern and central Italy. Penta acts as sponsor for the GEPPO cohort, which is coordinated together with a Board made up of expert geriatric and infectious disease faculty at participating centers.

Why is GEPPO needed?

This is incredibly important at a time when the population of people living with HIV is greying, with an estimated 60% of HIV patients living in Italy expected to be over 60 years of age by 2030 and 10% over 70 years of age.

What is GEPPO’s goal?

Its purpose is to determine the health status of these patients and how it changes over time, to investigate the extent to which the geriatric care model (reduction of polypharmacy and prevention and better management of multiple morbidities) applies to HIV patients and to identify factors affecting their healthy life expectancy.

Pharmacovigilance studies carried out in GEPPO are funded by pharmaceutical companies.