Penta ID Innovation

A Global Site Management Organisation specialised in Paediatric Infectious Diseases, with a mission to accelerate research that makes a difference to children’s health.

Penta ID Innovation utilizes the Network’s 30+ years of experience, reducing the gap between industry and academia, to deliver high-quality consultancy services and guarantees effective trial recruitment to the pharmaceutical industry.

Penta ID Innovation is the only company bridging the gap between industry and academia, by using its network of clinical sites specialised in paediatric infectious diseases, recognised by the European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (EnprEMA), with industry.

Penta ID Innovation connects the pharmaceutical industry with more than 100 sites and 473 Principal/Chief Investigators, counting on an outstanding number of more than 9000 beds* for 254* Paediatric and Neonatal Units of which 109* intensive care units.

Penta ID Innovation offers industry:

  • Expertise: An operational network brings together key stakeholders in paediatric infectious disease, including researchers, clinicians, regulatory bodies, the pharmaceutical industry and patients and their families, to plan and carry out high quality clinical research and training.
  • Time-efficiency: A single entry point to an established multi-country network without the need to contact individual investigators.
  • Cost-efficiency and process-efficiency: With the pre-selection of high-performing clinical sites, Penta ID Innovation can reduce the number of sites, recruitment time and use of resources. Furthermore, the inclusion of clinicians’ and researchers’ technical inputs through specific consultancy on study design and protocol development can improve the feasibility of protocols making them more adherent to patients’ needs and clinical practices. Translating into an improvement of key performance indicators; such as the increase in participant retention rate related to the reduction of the dropout rate not due to safety and the increase in the evaluability rate of patients.

*data is provisional as we are currently expanding our Network