Integrating Social Sciences into clinical research: an opportunity for achieving greater impact

28 Sep, 2022

Quantitative and qualitative data have a mutually beneficial relationship. Quantitative data need the depth of qualitative evidence to be adequately interpreted, and qualitative evidence benefits from being based on robust quantitative data. When addressing complex public health issues, qualitative research enables researchers to explore social and behavioural aspects allowing for a better understanding of the issues at hand. 

Within Penta, we believe in the added value of complementing these two approaches in our clinical research. Davide Bilardi, a senior staff member who recently graduated from Oxford University with a PhD in Social Sciences and Capacity Building, will support us in increasing the integration of social sciences methodologies in our programs.  

By integrating a qualitative approach to quantitative biomedical research, Penta can increase the value and the impact of its research outcomes. This can be done by supporting the inclusion of methods answering qualitative questions during the design of a new research project”, says Davide.

The potential is huge. Davide informally started a few months ago in his new role as social sciences implementation lead and is already contributing to several projects. An important example is represented by NeoOBS, the observational study on antimicrobial resistance sponsored by GARDP, which recently closed with great success. The study team decided to support the activation of a social science project aiming at collecting data on the perception and barriers to the use of antibiotics in a selected group of participating clinical sites. The qualitative dataset obtained by this project will enrich the interpretation of NeoOBS results and facilitate their uptake at a local level. And this is not the only example! 

This is a great opportunity to support and increase the valuable work that the Penta ID Network is doing for the health and the wellbeing of mothers and children around the world.

Please, contact Davide to discuss opportunities on how to incorporate a social science approach into any upcoming or existing project or study.

So let’s welcome Davide in his new role!

Photo by William Fortunato via Pexels