SMILE once-daily regimen non-inferior to triple ART regimen


Findings from the Strategy for Maintenance of HIV suppression with integrase inhibitor + darunavir/ritonavir in children (PENTA-17) trial, simply known as SMILE, were published in eClinicalMedicine on 2 June 2023. SMILE is the first randomised trial to determine whether children living with HIV on ART with suppressed viral load could maintain the suppression on a once-daily regimen compared to the standard of care (SOC) which involves three ART drugs. 

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WHO Paediatric ARV dosing dashboard


The WHO have developed a Paediatric ARV dosing dashboard which aims to support health care workers, researchers and policy makers in decisions around ARV dosing for children. It includes a dosing tool to assist in selecting the correct dose for infants, children and adolescents less than 18 years old, background information to support WHO paediatric weight-band dosing recommendations for ARV drugs, and a tool for researchers who want to investigate various ARV dosages and calculate the expected drug exposure in children relative to adult targets after administration of various doses.

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