May, 2020

Clinical Trials Day


Clinical Trials Day is a well-deserved ‘time out’ to recognize the people who conduct clinical trials and to say “thanks” for what they do every day to improve public health.



Dec, 2019

Standardising neonatal and pediatric anitibiotic clinical trial design and conduct: the PENTA-ID network review

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Authors: Folgori L, Lutsar I, Standing JF, et al. Published in: BMJ Open. 2019; 9:e032592 Abstract: Antimicrobial development for children remains challenging due to multiple barriers to conducting randomised clinical trials (CTs). There is currently considerable heterogeneity in the design and conduct of paediatric antibiotic studies, hampering comparison and meta-analytic approaches. The board of the European networks for paediatric research at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), in collaboration with the Paediatric European Network for Treatments of AIDS-Infectious Diseases network (www.penta-id.org), recently developed a Working Group on paediatric antibiotic CT design, involving academic, regulatory […]



Apr, 2019

SMILE Clinical Trial: 100th Patient Enrolled

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The Penta-sponsored clinical trial SMILE has achieved a significant milestone by recruiting its 100th patient yesterday. The patient was enrolled at the Perinatal HIV Research Unit (PHRU) in Soweto, South Africa.  This is a wonderful result achieved through hard work and cooperation among the sites, the CTUs and the sponsor.