Penta Foundation UK

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Penta Foundation UK is an independent UK charity registered on the 22nd of October, 2019.

The Foundation seeks to strengthen the overarching Penta network in the UK specifically to promote research into infectious diseases in children, support research focussed on its scientific priorities, and carry out training and educational programs to help facilitate these goals.

The charity is composed of a vibrant network of experts and investigators generating solutions for children’s health, notably infections. Through the promotion of impactful research on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of infections in children and pregnant women as well as through training and education programs for clinical providers and researchers, Penta UK strives to improve the health and standard of care of patients in the UK.

Penta Foundation UK promotes quality research into infectious diseases through the allocation of grants. Currently there are no active grants. The charity is actively seeking out funding opportunities.

The impact we want to have on the UK society is to:

  • Improve therapeutic and disease prevention options for children and pregnant women
  • Improve the standard of care for patients across the UK affected by infectious diseases.