Treatment and monitoring of children and adolescents with hepatitis C in Russia: Results from a multi-centre survey on policy and practice


Authors: F Malik, V Chulanov, N Pimenov, A Fomicheva, R Lundin, N Levina, C Thorne, A Turkova, G Indofi

Published in: The Journal of viral elimination

Diaskin and tuberculin skin test as tuberculosis diagnostics in Russian children: comparative observational study


Authors: Fritschi N, Gureva T, Eliseev P, Crichton S ,Intira Jeannie Collins IJ, Turkova T, Mariandyshev A, Ritz N

Presented at: The 52nd Union World Conference On Lung Health 2021

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Brain MRI and neurocognitive characteristics of children with perinatal HIV infection in Russia: a retrospective cross-sectional study


Authors: MB. García,  L. Okhonskaya,  E. Voronin,  V. Rozenberg,  M. Titova,  T. Kovalenko,  A. Turkova,  IJ. Collins,  S. Crichton,  C. Velo Higueras,  MI. Gonzalez-Tomé,  JT. Ramos-Amador,  AMD. Aragón, on behalf of the REACH/EPPICC research groups

Published in: ESPID



Method: Retrospective cross-sectional study,  Republican Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital (Saint Petersburg, Sept. 2013- July 2015)

39 consecutive children in routine follow up underwent Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-III) assessment

Linked to clinical data including immune and virological status

MRI assessment were independently reviewed by 2 radiologists

  • Presence and number of focal white matter (WM) lesions
  • Diffuse WM hyperintensities
  • Global or regional atrophy

WISC III profiles 
Assess intelligence in school-age children: 12 subtests,

Cascade of care in children and adolescents with HIV in Russian Federation


Author: Anna Turkova, Evgeny Voronin, Yulia Plotnikova, Anna Samarina, Edith Milanzi, Vladimir Rozenberg, Liubov Okhonskaia, Inga Latysheva, Aleksey Plynsky, Elena Fertikh, Siobhan Crichton, Charlotte Jackson, Ali Judd, Intira J Collins, on behalf of the European Pregnancy and Paediatric Infections Cohort Collaboration (EPPICC)

Published in: 12th International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics

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The cascade of care summarises the 90-90-90 UNAIDS targets,

Timing of HIV diagnosis in HIV-positive pregnant women giving birth in a high prevalence Russian region


Authors: Sconza R, Plotnikova Y, Plynsky A, Rozenberg V, Thorne C

Published in: 10th International Workshop on HIV & Women, 6th – 7 th March 2020, Boston, MA